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Reliability and Validity of the ITERS-R

As noted earlier in this introduction, the ITERS-R is a revision of the widely used and documented ITERS, that is one in a family of instruments designed to assess the overall quality of early childhood programs. Together, with the original instrument, the Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale (ECERS), and the more recent revision of that scale, the ECERS-R, these scales have been used in major research projects in the United States as well as in a number of other countries. This extensive research has documented both the ability of the scales to be used reliably and the validity of the scales in terms of their relation to other measures of quality and their tie to child development outcomes for children in classrooms with varying environmental ratings.

Reliability and Validity of the Infant/Toddler Environment Rating Scale (PDF)


- Introduction
- Development
- Process of Revision
- Overview of the Subscales and     Items
- Reliability and Validity
- Selected References
- Additional Notes
- Supplementary Materials
- Translations
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