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Additional Notes for Updated ITERS-R

In 2006, the new updated edition of the ITERS-R was published. Featuring a new spiral binding, the updated ITERS-R offers more practical assistance in the form of additional notes for clarification and an Expanded Score Sheet, which incorporates notes and tables to assist in scoring. However, the items and indicators remain the same as in the original ITERS-R.

These notes were developed by Thelma Harms and Debby Cryer to improve the interrater agreement among all scale users. These notes do not change any of the requirements in the printed scales, they merely add additional information to help in accurate scoring.

Additional Notes for Updated ITERS-R - last updated 11/2016

Spanish Version - Additional Notes for Updated ITERS-R

- Introduction
- Development
- Process of Revision
- Overview of the Subscales and     Items
- Reliability and Validity
- Selected References
- Additional Notes
- Supplementary Materials
- Translations
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